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Luminary DMR makes another hit with Universal Music Group



ECOWAS Youth Ambassador and Ghanaian Afrobeat musician, Luminary DMR has once again hitched a cool deal with Universal Music Group through U-NXT, this time with his yet-to-be-released song GHETTO BREAK.

A portion of a document sighted on Social Media revealed that the artiste’s new song will enjoy free distribution via Spinnup for the next 12 months.

Universal Music Group through U-NXT four months ago signed a distribution deal with the Afrobeat musician, Lumi-DMR to commercially distribute his songs, particularly ‘Canabis’ across all its music platforms and just before he would release his latest track, Ghetto Break there he attracts another cool distribution deal from the same music company.
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“In consideration of the payments made to you under this Agreement, you assign to U NXT the entire copyright and all other rights in and to your recording “Ghetto Break” (and any related artwork, videos and other materials) and give U NXT your consent to enable us to make the fullest use of the recording and all related materials. U NXT will have the sole and exclusive right to, amongst other things, copy and exploit your recording “Ghetto Break” in any manner and to authorise others to do so, by all means and in all media worldwide for the full period of copyright. You also agree to give us the right to use and allow others to use your name and your likeness for marketing and other related activities.”

Lumi last month stayed at number 1 spot on Ghana iTunes Top Chart Albums for 8 days holding. He is set to release his Discovery Album early September, 2021. It is also rumoured that Lumi will be featuring South Africa’s Nato C in a song, which video will be shot in South Africa soon.