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Meet “Krukaline” Jamaica based Ghanaian Dancehall Artiste



Even during the apartheid days,Jamaica has always been a tough terrain for musicians to gain grounds and firm footing.

This is because there are lots of vibrant dancehall acts and abundance of talents constantly seeking attention and eager to rise to the top.

Despite the tight race for limelight and stardom,a young Ghanaian born currently basing in Jamaica is making massive waves and gaining grounds in the country and beyond.

He goes by the name Asare Alex musically known as Krukaline.From Ghana,Krukaline relocated to Jamaica where he released couple of songs.

Talented Krukaline is poised to bring back the umph that is seemingly missing from our Raggae/Dancehall genre.In fact Krukaline deserves a spot in the hearts of the youth because of his creativity and versatility.

Krukaline’s personality and somewhat unique dancehall riddim has found him to stand out amongst other dancehall acts and granted him privilege to perform to audiences across Jamaica, Europe, USA, Mexico and other countries.

Krukaline’s style is very distinctive and we believe Krukaline is the one to look out for in 2017/2018 dancehall fraternity.

However,according to Krukaline,music has always been his way of expressing himself freely and communicating to the ghetto youth.

Krukaline currently promoting his new banger titled “Shenor” which also features Trig_Trigazy from Nima Ghana .He is a native of Akuapem Mampong, a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Keep reading our space–as we shall be revealing more on this promising talent. See more pictures of Asare Alex also known as Krukaline below: