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Meet Multifarious Gospel Musician Abena Ntiriwaa



Abena Ntiriwaa, is an Accra based Gospel musician, privately known as Maudren Nyame-Adu.

She was born in Kumasi to Madam Adwoa Konadu and Mr. Seth Nyame-Adu. She started singing around age 13, and has been in choirs and in singing bands both in schools and in church.

She matured to be a solo artist who started ministering in different churches that invited her for their various activities.

Her musical career officially began in 2019, with a first single in June 2019, and subsequently releases her maiden album which was launched in September 2019. The album has 6 tracks.

Abena Ntiriwaa is versatile when it comes to singing. She composes her own songs as well. She is a member of the Faith Mount Sinai Ministry.

Abena doubles as an entrepreneur and a nurse. She has won the heart of many with the passion for caring for all, especially people living with HIV.