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Most Current Gospel Songs In Ghana Are Spiritually Empty’ – Osaah Special



The truth is, comparing the works of MC Abraham, Esther Nyamekye, Mama Esther, Tagoe Sisters, others to the songs produced by our current crop of musicians who call themselves Gospel musicians will make you shed tears.

Thus, listening to the songs of Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Pastor Joe Bechem, among others will make every believer suffer from goosebumps but these days, the songs produced as Gospel songs are nothing but empty – it carries no inspiration and religious weight.

So, it’s in the light of the degenerative nature of contemporary gospel music that France-based Ghanaian gospel musician Osaah Special has challenged her colleagues in the gospel genre to up their game or better still wake up from slumber.

In a virtual interview with DJ Buddha of Radio Mighty, Osaah Special said that; “One thing I have studied about contemporary Ghanaian gospel musicians is like I wouldn’t say all of them but majority of them are becoming lazy in terms of their creativity”.

She further added that she is bringing a new thing into the Gospel music industry whereby she is going to produce her music in all the different types of genres which she mentioned (reggae, pop, highlife, ragga, etc).

She added that the introduction of this type of genres will eradicate boredom from the gospel music industry. She encouraged her colleagues in the industry to be creative and stop singing on weak and dull instrumentals.

More importantly, Osaah Special posited that Ghanaians should expect more of her whiles she brings more energy into the ‘dull’ Gospel music industry.