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Nigerians took afrobeat rhythm from Ghana and made it their own – Kofi Jamar



‘Ekorso’ hitmaker, Kofi Jamar born Derrick Osei Kuffour Prempeh has controversially stated that Nigerians stole afrobeat music from Ghana but rebranded it with certain elements.

Responding to the question of whether the new crop of Ghanaian artistes are copying afrobeat from Nigeria, Kofi Jamar responded that afrobeat music originated from Ghana.

He said on Kastle FM “We are not copying afrobeat from Nigerians cos afrobeat has many fusions besides Fela Kuti even got a hint of afrobeat from Ghana.

“Ghana developed the afrobeat rhythm and Nigerians took the rhythm from Ghana and made it their own and used their kicks and instrumentals to blend it,” he added in an interview with Amansan Krakye.

In recent times, there has been a lot of debate concerning afrobeat music as Nigerian artistes have taken the world by storm with it and most Ghanaian artistes are also doing the same.

He explained, “Fela Kuti got most of his afrobeat inspiration from Ghana because Nigerians initially were doing juju music and it wasn’t afrobeat from the unset”.