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Head of the Dansoman police unit District superintendent (DSP) Victor Kwakye has hinter police is ready to crack down on internet fraudsters who have besieged the country.
According to DSP Kwakye, the activities of internet fraudsters are so rampant and having a toll on the national economy.

He made this known yesterday on program dubbed safety in our society organized by Doxa Open University.
The police head also called on Abro media students to help them fight against crime that is happening in the country.

Again after his speech some of the student asked question concerning the internet fraud and also some of the police involvement in the criminal activities that is going on the country.
DSP Kwakye lamented on the recent police involvement in crime in the nation.
He noted that it is shocking to note that services personal are involved in many of the robbery scandals that is happening in the country.

The police are meant to protect,and make sure that rules and regulations are properly followed, the police superintendent disclosed.
He eluded to popular Akan proverb which literary means, “every house there is mensah in it,” he said.

He continued,” some people are born criminals, they have criminal blood flowing in them and there is nothing you can do to stop them”, he vehemently expressed.

He vowed his commitment that the police are willing to fight criminal police officers who are continuously brought the name and integrity of the service into disrepute.

Story by: Portia oduro

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