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Rapper EL KoJo Rebrands, Changes Hairstyle



Is Rapper EL KoJo up to some massive rebranding?

The rapper just unveiled his new hairstyle on social media, His comment section has been buzzing and it might be a tie. Most of his fans don’t agree with his new hairstyle and some can’t get enough of it.

It is alright to always make a few changes in anybody’s life. For a celebrity, it is recommended that every once in a while, you switch up in your appearance, art, lifestyle, and anything else that you can use to refresh your image and that’s what exactly rapper EL KoJo has done.

The rapper has altered his low haircut for braids.

In one of his post spotted on facebook, the rapper posted

“I’ve been working silencely in the darkness but is now time to bring everything to the light, watch out for my new EP”

This post by EL KoJo keeps us thinking. A new hairstyle to match his upcoming fresh music vibes? Could it be the first hint of him rebranding ? Anyway, We don’t know yet but we do love EL KoJo‘s new hairstyle.

See his new pictures below :