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Stop disgracing yourselves–Copyright expert tells ‘Bobolebobo’ contenders



A copyright expert, Agya Abraham, wants Minister Isaac Sei and Evangelist I.K Aning, who are both claiming ownership for the hit song “Bobolebobo” to settle their differences amicably, since they are of the same faith.

Agya Abraham, who gave the advice, first lambasted the two for their media banter, adding that the issue could have been resolved between the two peacefully without the controversies destroying the beauty of the song.

“This issue must be resolved so that they will stop disgracing themselves. One wrote the song, composed the song, did everything, at a point nobody knows him. He wasn’t even confident the song would gain such massive attention. The person put the song within a free space, just because he wanted to promote the song. The second person saw the song, listen to the song and also improved with either vocal ability or changed it a bit” he told host of Anopa Kasapa, Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Kasapa Fm.

He added it’s quite obvious “one of them is lying among the two of them” saying “you’re men of God, how do you expect people to sit under your vision and your tutelage”.

Meanwhile, Evang. I.K Aning has called the bluff of Minister Sei, asking the latter to press legal charges against him if he believes he stole his song.

The controversy began after the NDC and former President John used “bobolebobo” in a campaign song that became popular at their just ended congress.

Minister Isaac Sie has insisted the song is originally his brainchild and not that of Evangelist IK Aning as it has come to be known.

Source: Alex Semordzi