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Stryker signs on Kweku Darlington and Tulenkey for new single ‘Yeegye’



Ghanaian musician Stryker has enlisted the help of two of the country’s hottest rappers, Kweku Darlington and Tulenkey, for his latest release ‘Yeegye’. The song is the latest offering from Stryker, who is known for his eclectic sound and ability to blend different genres together.

Stryker is signed under the Big Boys Movement record label, which has been responsible for some of the biggest hits in Ghanaian music in recent years. ‘Yeegye’ is no exception, with its catchy chorus and infectious beat.

The song’s music video is a colorful and energetic affair, with Stryker, Kweku Darlington and Tulenkey delivering their verses with confidence and charisma.

Fans of Ghanaian music will undoubtedly be excited to hear this new collaboration between three of the country’s most talented artists.
Check out the song below.