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War G – Yendi Agro -(Prod. By Majesty Magic)



War G, the talented Ghanaian rapper and singer, has released a new song titled “Yendi Agro,” produced by Majesty Magic. The song’s title, which translates to “We Didn’t Come To Play,” is indicative of the rapper’s intention to make a statement with his music.

The song opens with a catchy beat and War G’s signature flow, drawing the listener in with its energy and intensity. The lyrics are a testament to the artist’s commitment to making it big in the music industry and leaving a mark on the world.

War G’s verses are filled with wordplay and clever rhymes, showcasing his skill as a rapper. The chorus is equally catchy, with the phrase “Yendi Agro” repeated multiple times to drive home the song’s message.

In addition to its catchy lyrics and infectious beat, “Yendi Agro” also features some impressive production. Majesty Magic’s use of instruments such as the keyboard and guitar adds depth to the song, giving it a unique and memorable sound.

In conclusion, War G’s “Yendi Agro” is a powerful and energetic song that showcases the artist’s skill as a rapper and singer. With its catchy beat, clever lyrics, and impressive production, it’s a testament to the strength of Ghanaian music and the talent of its artists.

War G – Yendi Agro -(Prod. By Majesty Magic)