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Wish Me Well whiles am Alive – ADEL(Adelaide Gyamfuah)



Rising Gospel Musician ADEL(Adelaide Gyamfuah) formerly Lady Adelaide of #Koshepo & #BoMpaye Fame fumes out to Ghanaians to support their celebrities & public figures when there’s the need whiles alive than when they dead & gone.

In an interview with KSTV, she made clear that most Ghanaians are fond of celebrating the dead to show off to the world to as if they cared & loved for late.

She went further saying; Someone may be sick & left home alone to suffer just because we int relatives but as soon as the person is good, you get same people to be posting our pictures,videos of our songs on social media as if they cared meanwhile we’ve had these same celebrities contribute to our Music & Creative Art Industry and we pay little or no attention to them.

She stated “I saw people using” pictures of likes like the late Comfort Annor,Suzzy Williams,Rev Mensah Bonsu and recent Seth Frimpong, on their Dps,Facebook,Instagram, Snapchat e.t.c, i asked myself;

Did Ghanaians know h Did they know he needed money to treat himself?

We strive hard to get to the top in wherever we find ourselves; been a Musician,I have tried very hard to spread the word of God through music but a little help to push my songs to souls to be saved, am not getting but the same people will spend lots of money for parties and funeral when am no more just to prove that they love me.

She urged Ghanaians & the world at large to support others talents with prayers & atleast sharing their post,flyers, video links to reach large scope of influence to spread the word now.

ADEL is currently managed by KS MEDIA & is out with a new single #BoMpaye(Pray) which is and still inspiring the world in this time of Covid19 Pandaemic.

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