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You Are Not Talented, Stop Music And Rear Cows–Patapaa To Fancy Gadam



Ghanaian hiplife artist, Patapaa has again descended heavily on his colleague Fancy Gadam – this time ask him to quit music.

According to the commander in chief of the Patupa Soldiers who recently lost his manager, Fancy Gadam needs to quit music because there is a shortage of cow meat in the country.

The ‘One Corner’ hitmaker stated that he always feels to visit the toilet whenever he hears songs from the Northern musicking.

“His voice is not even good. Whenever I hear his songs, I feel like going to toilet,” he said.

Patapaa further emphasized that Fancy should leave music and go to cow farming.

“Just let him know that cow meat is now small. He better start one so we can get meat this Christmas,” Patapeezy added.

Well, according to rumors gathered from the media, Patapaa recorded his ‘Suro Nnipa’ song to tease Fancy.

The stories continued to add that, Patapaa is still not happy after Fancy took the award that was meant for him.