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Who Is Supa, He Can Never Be A Threat To My Fame – Patapaa



Who Is Supa, He Can Never Be A Threat To My Fame – Patapaa

Supa has been trending on the Ghanaian social media platforms since he introduced himself with his gangster lifestyle as Gh 2-Pac.

Many Ghanaians have wondered what will be the fate of the Pa-2-Pa soldier’s boss since Supa’s name has been trending on social media instead of Patapaa whose name was then the household name.

As a result of this, the “One Corner” hitmaker was invited to an interview on Vibe in 5 hosted by Arnold Elavanyo Mensah to speak whether or not the emergence of self-acclaimed Ghana Tupac may in anyway affect his fame.

Asked where or not he feels threatened he said, “Who is Supa. I have no idea of his existence, I don’t know what he looks like,” Patapaa answered.

Patapaa further enquired to know what Supa does and the number of songs he has dropped so far.

“If he has released any songs, I would know him but he has not, I don’t know anything about him,” he told Arnold.

He further noted that no one can take his fans from him so far as his thrilling ability in the music industry still remains the same.