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I Cleared Songs On My Dad’s Cassette To Record Myself – Gina Bancram



myself – Gina Bancram

Ghanaian gospel artiste, Gina Bancram, said she began singing at a very young age and would often clear her dad’s cassettes to record herself singing.

In a recent interview on Y 97.9 FM’s “The Dryve of Your Lyfe” with host PM, Gina Bancram, shared how she unearthed her musical talent growing up.

She recalls how dramatic it was for his father to hear her voice on his cassettes when he came home to play his music. Despite being a strict dad, he never punished her for using his cassettes to record herself. She believes that her dad saw something special in her, which is why he didn’t react negatively.

“I started singing at a very young age. So what I normally did was pick up my dad’s cassette and record myself. My dad really loved music, and imagine coming to the house wanting to play his music and he hears my voice on the cassette. That was so dramatic. He was a strict dad, but I always get surprised when he doesn’t react or punish me for that—he never complains. He usually traveled to Italy at the time, and when he came back to jam to his favorite music, there went my voice playing from the cassette. Maybe he saw the light, I guess,” she told Y 97.9 FM’s PM.

Most of the songs that Bancram recorded on her dad’s cassettes were gospel. She noted that she sang at church ICGC, and spent a lot of time rehearsing by recording herself on cassettes. Bancram also shared that she loved Des’ree’s song, “Life”, and would sing it often.

The Ghanaian musician believes that recording herself on her dad’s cassettes was a way of preparing herself for the future. She used the cassettes to practice and improve her singing skills.

“I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, but I believe I was rehearsing. I was preparing myself so that one day, when the time came, I would be ready, and I guess I was,” she added.

Gina Bancram has officially released her first 2023 single, titled “Faithful God.” The song is currently available on all music streaming platforms.

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Story by: Ama Linda