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Musician Okunin Gyasi Drops New Song Titled “Ntampe”



Music has been a powerful tool for social commentary and advocacy since time immemorial. Musicians have used their art to raise awareness about social issues and to promote cultural values. One such artist is Okunin Gyasi, a Ghanaian musician who has just dropped a new song titled “Marijuana.” The song explores the social, economic, and cultural implications of marijuana use in Ghana.

In “Ntampe,” Okunin Gyasi tells the story of a young man who gets involved in the marijuana trade to make ends meet. The song highlights the challenges faced by young people in Ghana who struggle to find employment and resort to illegal activities to survive. Okunin Gyasi uses his art to advocate for the creation of more job opportunities for young people and to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use.

The song also addresses the cultural implications of marijuana use in Ghana. Marijuana use is deeply ingrained in Ghanaian culture and is used for medicinal, spiritual, and social purposes. However, the use of marijuana remains illegal in Ghana, and those caught in possession of the drug face severe penalties.

Okunin Gyasi’s “Ntampe” highlights the need for a cultural shift in the way marijuana is viewed in Ghana. The song calls for a more nuanced approach to marijuana use that takes into account its cultural significance while addressing the negative impacts of drug use on society.

The song has a catchy beat and a melodic chorus that is sure to resonate with listeners. Okunin Gyasi’s powerful vocals and poignant lyrics make “Marijuana” a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of music and social commentary.

In conclusion, Okunin Gyasi’s “Marijuana” is a powerful song that addresses the social, economic, and cultural implications of marijuana use in Ghana. The song is a call to action for policymakers, cultural leaders, and the general public to rethink their approach to drug use and to create a more equitable and just society. With its catchy beat and poignant lyrics, “Marijuana” is sure to make an impact on listeners and to spark much-needed conversations about drug use in Ghana. Production credit goes to Pewezel, check out the new song.