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My “Asore” song wasn’t a diss song to the Ewe and Nzema people – Rev Fiifi Hanson clears the air



End time preacher and a prophet of Perez chapel int Breman Asikuma branch, Rev Fiifi Hanson, has lamented his side of the rumors running in town concerning his debut single “Asore” featuring Sticker Songs.


The anointed man of God stated that, after releasing his debut single on somewhere April 2022, he has been hearing so many people murmuring about the song, people are saying he targeted the song on the Ewe and Nzema people.
Because he made mentioned that, those people sometimes believe in minor spirits and the lessor gods, of which makes them loose faith in the almighty God.


The “Asore” hitmaker therefore made this particular masterpiece to revive these two tribes to focus on God than the lessor gods.


He furthered on by saying, He can never mock someone or people in a Gospel song, let alone mocking them at all. But would rather advise them with the word of God to change them from going astray.