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My ‘Twe Da’ Remix Featuring Medikal And Kurl Songx Does Not Promote Masturbation- Marco Lowrey



There has been some controversy surrounding Marco Lowrey’s “Twe Da” Remix, featuring Medikal and Kurl Songx. Some people have accused the song of promoting masturbation, leading to condemnation from some quarters.

However, in a recent interview with DJ Jahsolo on Bryt 99.1 FM, Marco Lowrey has denied that the song promotes masturbation. He explained that the lyrics of the song are simply about a woman who is driving him crazy, and that there is no intention to promote any kind of sexual act.

Marco Lowrey went on to say that people should listen to the song carefully and not jump to conclusions. He said that he understands that some people might find the lyrics suggestive, but that this was not the intention.

The controversy around “Twe Da” Remix highlights the ongoing debate around sexual content in music. Some people argue that artists have a responsibility to be careful about the messages they send to young people, while others believe that artists should be free to express themselves without censorship.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, it’s clear that “Twe Da” Remix has touched a nerve with some listeners. Whether or not the song promotes masturbation, it’s clear that the lyrics are provocative and have caused a stir in the Ghanaian music scene. Be our judge , listen to the song below and share your comments about the song.