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Nana Adu Danso open letter to African leaders



African leaders, more intelligent when in opposition. Can’t we do anything better to help ourselves than always kneeling in front of the Western world whom most were our slave masters?
Upon all the knowledge acquired by most Africans, we little or not at all put into practice those lessons to better our land. Where are our professors, doctors, engineers, PhD holders, researchers etc.?

We are still in slavery because this whites still control our yearly budgets as Africans through the IMF and the World Bank. It is very sad and heart breaking that whenever the word Africa is mentioned, poverty, difficulty and hunger is what pops up in the minds of many especially those in the western part ;yet we claim to be naturally blessed in our lands, minerals and labour. All that most of our leaders know is to create, loot and pile up depths with their Western lenders for Africans to work and pay for the rest of their lives. Therefore while blacks are toiling to pay off depths, whites are enjoying commissions taken from the loans. How more should one explain slavery in this modern times.

Destroying our education whilst their children study in abroad to rule over the next generation,destroying africa health and enjoying good health in abroad.poor roads are constructed by own friends to share commissions whilst ridding in four wheel vehicles .
Moreover given themselves class in anything whilst the ordinary citizens are suffering ,hmmmmmm Africa.
We have a long way to go,the defines enormity of the work we have to do

1.change of mindset.
2.strong institutions
3.Youth development policy
4.clear cut separation of the legislature for the executive to ensure proper accountability etc

Leadership in Africa is more of a replicated problem than it means solutions.

After this pademic lets come together and champion for one common ideology

Nana adu danso
( broadcast journalist )