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RTB- Police Be My Friend-(Prod. By M Fresh Beatz)



RTB, a Ghanaian music group consisting of Lil Pop and Edithen, has released a new song titled ‘Police be my friend’. The song has a catchy beat and meaningful lyrics that emphasize the importance of respecting and befriending police officers.

It sends a message to the public to recognize the efforts of the police force in ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone.

With issues of police brutality and mistrust between law enforcement and civilians, RTB’s ‘Police be my friend’ serves as a reminder that there are good police officers who are doing their best to serve and protect their communities.

The song encourages mutual respect and understanding between the police and civilians, and highlights the need for a strong relationship between the two parties in maintaining law and order.RTB is signed onto EL_WEALTH RECORD, this is a record label that supports new artists to reach their Dreams.

Produced by M Fresh Beatz, the song is a refreshing addition to the Ghanaian music scene, and a call for unity and cooperation between the police and citizens.

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