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Gospel singer MaAkua Fosua embraces divine calling with soul-stirring gospel single, ‘Victory is Mine’



MaAkua Fosua, a Ghanaian musician currently based in the United States, has recently unveiled her uplifting debut titled ‘Victory is Mine’.

Released earlier, the gospel song beautifully portrays the journey of her life, highlighting her personal encounters and the transformative power of God that has eradicated her shame and granted her triumph.

Having started her musical career in the secular realm, MaAkua Fosua shared that her spiritual experiences with the Holy Spirit redirected her path towards gospel music.

Reflecting on her musical journey, she expressed: “While I always felt called to serve God through music, it was only when I had a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit that my understanding of God’s work took shape.”

MaAkua Fosua also recounted moments of despair in her past, but she emphasised how God intervened and molded her into a resilient woman who overcame various challenges and life experiences.

As she candidly revealed, being a secular musician often demanded compromising situations, such as being expected to expose private body parts and perform provocative dances for attention.

Nevertheless, she attested: “Through God’s grace, I have now fully committed myself to spreading the gospel of Christ Jesus.”

‘Victory is Mine’ serves as an inspirational anthem for all listeners and it is equally available on popular music platforms like Audiomack and Boomplay.