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Bohyeba in the past year have been tag as a false man of God and some people even believe that his church is an occultic church. Bohyeba, have now come out with some secret and prove on Ayampia TV that shows he is a real man of God.

During the interview on Ayampia TV, The renoun Man of God whose real name is Richard Owusu popularly known us Obofour (Sikabofo) based in Takoradi revealed that,he has labour and hustle before at his home town, Assin Fosu and he wa touched by God when he was around six years of age but he started reaching out to preach when he was twelve years as evangelist and he was worshipping with the church of Pentecost.

He revealed some saddest moment in his life that,his father travelled from home when he was two weeks old as a baby and he never returned home till he was doing the work of God at Gomoah Dewurapong at the age twelve.

So he was happy when he heard his father have returned so he rushed to check on him at home and he returned to continue his work of God,within a week he got a message that his father is dead.

Bohyeba based on that painful experience he passed through advice Christians not to put their trust in human, quoting Jeremiah 17:5.

The man of man of God made alot of emphasis on the below videos and made mention of Big men of God,some spiritual man on how they work .

Watch the video below: