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VIDEO : Enzym- Dear wRappers (Addressed) [Prod by Two- Bars mixed by nORTHS



Nzymm PB decided to pour his heart out on the Two Bars produced free riddim dubbed “Talk Your Mind” and calls his version “Addressed” mixed by nORTHS. The young rapper got quite controversial with this music by throwing endless jabs at his colleagues. According to him, he wrote only 9 lines and the rest came out as freestyle.

‘Addressed’ saw Nzymm PB talking about weak lyrics other rappers are fond of, and about rappers installing titles like King, Lords, Gods and so on… According to Nzymm PB, the society gets tired of such titles and fed up with songs which only praise themselves (The rappers)… He did address these issues and even more sensitive ones. Watch the music video below and get the full story.