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“Ghanaians will soon forsake Shatta Bandle like they did to Supa” – Julius Fakta


on Sep 26, 2019 7:27 AM
Every year, God blesses Ghana with one or two internet sensation who become the talk of the country with apparently no real talent.

Some ride on sharing n*de pictures and videos of themselves on social media whilst others joke around by spreading bizarre and awkward messages intertwined with insanity.

For the past years, Ghanaians have witnessed the humour of personalities like Supa, Wee Teacher, Rashida, et Al. Each year, such people burst onto the scene and make names for themselves and 2019 is not an exception.

The year is still young but Ghana can boast of zero talent personalities like Shatta Bandle and one Mr. Eventuary, a Takoradi based taxi driver, who has become an internet sensation, due to his laughing and “eventuary” term.

For Shatta Bandle, he’s arguably the most popular midget in Africa who became famous after videos of him flaunting money whiles claiming to be the richest man in Africa surfaced online.

But one thing about such people as mentioned-above is that their popularity or if you like relevancy in the industry don’t last any longer, Julius Fakta has observed.

According to Julius Fakta who became popular after appearing in “Dance With Peter” reality show in Nigeria, Shatta Bandle should act smart and make good use of the little attention and fame he’s enjoying because very soon, Ghanaians will forsake him.